“Yeah. That’s it. Settings. On. On. Right. Hey. I’m Junior.

So. Let’s see. I think I’m going to start mundane. Just get things going and see what happens, really. Lots to say. Right. Yeah. I’m getting fat. My old metabolism has slowed. And worse still, I’m snacking more on sugar things these days — I had to vary the things I buy in supermarkets so they’re not predictable. Wait — what? Nah. I know. Not really. But tainted things are actually put on shelves — and I want to avoid them. Nah. Seriously. Could be though. Nah, chance of that is zero. Am I serious now? So. Anyway. Supposing that it was the case. And it put chocolate back into my diet. How? Well, hold on. And now I have a new, low dependency — on sugar. I’m not blaming the Make Police for me being fat — not quite. But there’s an element of that. The Make Police. You’ve heard of them. All that. Indirect effect, on this occasion, but still my choice being taken away from me. They take away your self. Yeah.

So, are you sceptical, or…? Many don’t believe — you probably know. That’s fine. I used to not.

Crisps as well. For years I never ate them. Then one day, while trying to beat the trickery — yeah trickery, that’s right. Yeah. Sort of — of the Make Police, I grabbed a bag of spicy chili and lime — they’d never think I’d buy this sort of thing. The database would show health snacks, fresh fruit. It carried on from there then, really. Of course, they now expect me to buy crisps and chocolate. Yeah. But now I’m hooked and the variety is vast. I go to different shops to make it more of a challenge to suppose what I’m going to buy. I just want my own system to be clean. All targets are the same. You’ve heard of targets: they’re people like me the Make Police are making. Yeah. The Make Police can visit you at any moment. Sounds unlikely, yeah? Yeah. And if they do, or did then that would be the end. Evidence. Yeah, I know. But there’ll be no priority to fairness — it was they who stacked the supermarket shelves.

What happens then, or would happen if an innocent picked one up — a tainted item from the shelves? Yeah. Nothing really. Tired eyes. Nah, really. Or running nose, or other runs. Nah, nah, nah. There’s bullying, as well as tainting of a target’s system. A drink with laxative effect reminds the target who’s the boss, and in certain cases, it’s hoped, makes targets change their ways. So they say. So they say.

So, anyway, I’m fat. My jawline has disappeared. I look like the attention makes me feel. Yeah. Your look is a thing. As a target, you know you will be judged on how you look: that’s part of the make. So you look decent all the time (helps if you already are, but you know), and tell yourself to always look soft, or never caught off-guard as slightly vexed even or even confused — on the photos taken of you; and ultimately your trial is in your mind. Yeah. Your mind drifts to how you might defend your honest behaviour against the pushers. The makers. The button pushers. Yeah. I’ll get to that.”


They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_

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James London

They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_