“So, now — at that time — I’m kept, I’m owned. Digitally, that is. Not so much as a pair of shoes to walk in, digitally.

And in reality — the real world — I’m going nowhere. Just technically I’ve still got things like a bank account — though obviously if I look at that on screen, that’s questionable. No phones, no laptops, mac — all gone. And now this guy, the original policeman, has escalated things so high that it’s perpetuating. He almost wishes that he hadn’t started. But he’s all tied in. He has to make me. Not for me to say but wishes that he hadn’t picked this guy. Yeah. I’m making this all up, quite obviously. Just listen to me. He picked some nobody. I mean he doesn’t have to make a thing, but you know what I’m saying? Things get made. And nobody’s to blame. Just happened. Just misfortune. That’s the way. It’s all over the forums. And you get it, too, on Privet Share. More arguing goes on in there. It’s not just targets.

Oh, didn’t mention — probably it’s obvious — but makers can use Privet too, quite clearly. So, you know, they can’t see your screen any more but they can still mess with you. It’s usually pretty obvious, actually. A target knows a target. It’s genuine. You can relate. You get them on Share doing all the stirring and all that, the one and one is three. The making’s what I’m saying, in a roundabout kind of way. Wherever there’s a way. But, look. There’s bad guys out there to be caught. I get it. There’s position too, to keep — but that aside. Security is necessary. Watching Scaramanga and so on. Keeping an eye. But wait, can that be kept aside, if even for a moment? Position. Or are those two things interlinked? Position. Security. Yeah, don’t move one without touching the other. My position is held. Low. Kept low now by taking everything. I don’t know. I think about these things sometimes. I’m made to.

Let’s lighten up the mood. Back to those jobs that I could do. I’ve seen those walking guides, around the city here. Yeah, it’s not as if I pass them clamouring, or all that interested. Like at any time, I try and empathise. I suppose I put myself into the shoes of both the tourists and the guide, just momentarily. Maybe listening in a moment as he talks about — I don’t know — some stone feature of the building. They usually seem quite into it, the guides. There’s me, just passing by. Clicked once on a barista job. Not me. It’s like I said about horizons. I’m a skilled man now. Try telling that to those who see invisibility. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. It’s habit now. It takes transition, though. From that side-make concern, not wanting words contorted, to that release of saying anything again. You say too much. And yet it doesn’t matter. Because you claiming it. Yeah. Hard drives on these things are pretty massive now — memory or whatever. Smaller on a watch, though. That’s one drawback. I mean, nifty enough. But not as big. Don’t know that they’ll catch on, though, those watches

Same problem as the river guide, tour guide: the same old sights, the same old things you say, same questions, certain types of people. But, it’s nice to be around those tourists, though. They positive. Not like they in an office with you, in the kitchen. Rivalry for a spoon. Nah, I’m only joking. Obviously there’s camaraderie as well. But small things can seem big to certain types. Have you ever heard of a thing called code switching? It’s when, essentially, disadvantaged people make themselves sound more advantaged so that people don’t treat them like — well, you know. Just for how they speak and act naturally. That’s pretty sick, when you think about it. Or maybe not. A disadvantaged voice is stuck. Code switching. Acting white, to be blunt. More complicated probably than that. I don’t know. Can’t re-record it. And there’s makes even if you on Record — if you’re not uploading live. It’s all manipulatable. And the only thing that limits manipulation is the manipulator. You can ask them nicely. But they don’t have to — if they can hide it. That’s the thinking. That’s just people, though. They’ll assume about your wants and needs, then try and push your buttons either way. Like headlines, outrage. That’s your buttons. Yeah, I’ll stick with Record, for now — and stream it, definitely.

Can a writer code-switch on the page? I don’t know.

I’ve been up early again. I should have got more sleep. This Privet’s about to go now, anyway.”


They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_

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James London

They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_