Junior’s Politics

“Record. Minimise. Wait, that’s it. Close. So. Anyway. Your type gets in the way of thinking. Your type is your emotion. I’m surprised I haven’t wrestled this more definitely. I think about these things. Don’t get me wrong. But that’s the thing. The part of it. Me wanting certainty. All this is nonsense really. Who follows this, anyway?

So. What do I rate? I rate no-one extreme. Quite obviously. I rate my liberty. So is that key? Or is it just more pertinent because that’s the concern in hand? Wait. See. You second guess youself. Even on Record, you’re second guessing. But I’m allowed to say. I get to say. And I’d rather leave it there, and that’s the point. And yet I won’t. I’d rather just go on, apart — detached, each point with… Nah. I know nothing about this technically. Take all the textbooks in the world and I have hardly seen a thing. So is that why I’m struggling? I know that I require to be free. Both physically and mentally. But, then, politically? Am I drifting into something different now, some other category of thought? No it’s just me. I’ve no idea. And, is that me, politically? Admittedly. I just have no idea. And have this need. To just be free. I’m saying little, actually. I waver, see. That’s that emotional thing.

Your party is your emotion. Maybe. I don’t know. And I can waver in that way, or even try and change. So that makes me unfixed politically. Still feel as though I’m giving this away. Though that Privet light is green. But anyway. Is it mine? This thought. That’s what it comes to, though. You still feel as though you’re giving it away - yourself. These bits.

Your party is your emotion. And then your brain is following and telling you why this and that is really this and that. And you believe it. That’s just what I think. But I don’t know. I’m pretty sure that’s why I’m unattached politically. Why I don’t come down either way, North, South, East, West. That’s not to vacillate. I’d have to look that up, to be quite sure. The dictionary’s just too far away. Maybe in a minute when the thought has passed. I’m pretty sure the gist is right. It’s not to vacillate. Or is that just me failing, that idea? Am I a vacillator? I’ll have to definitely look that up now, in a minute. Pause on that point, although it may give the impression of a conclusion that’s dispiriting. Nah. I’m not a vacillator. Don’t want to be. Nah, I’m seriously not. Because that’s not free — is it? That thought is stuck. I have no idea. All I know is I have this need to be free. Do I need say any more than that? Well, might come back to that.”


They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_

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James London

They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_