“I can’t remember why, but this one target had an eggcup planted in his house. I forget the reason now.

The story must have got a thousand likes from other targets. His perplexity, the way that he described it; you could still relate to it. But there was this strong extra vibe of the absurd. An eggcup. He attached a pic. He said that he was pretty definite it wasn’t his as soon as he had seen it. Then he asked his wife. It was the way he told it though. The confusion. It wasn’t in a normal place, like in the cupboard with the cups and plates. He hadn’t been a target very long. You’re mind goes everywhere instead at first. Did a family member bring this eggcup? That would be absurd. You’re definitely not thinking ‘it’s a plant’. Then sometime after that he was used to it. They could’ve planted anything and he would have shook his head and shrugged. It’s when you realise it’s your reaction that’s the key. The make it seems to be at first is secondary. The planted eggcup — let’s say, for example, you’re supposed to have stolen it, and that’s why it’s been put there. The eggcup makes the example more confusing maybe. But anyway. Before the story about the theft, there’s the story about your senses. And that’s the one you make yourself, with your reaction. So five years later, or whatever, six years, seven, they could plant a tuba and you wouldn’t bat an eye. They could plant a missile and it wouldn’t necessarily bother you.

It was in this one thread about all the things that have been planted — weirdest things. Most of them were pretty standard, actually.

That’s the thing: it’s called the side make. It seems to be the main, but what you need to worry about is, like I say, reaction. That’s the main. They still might get you for the side but that’s more rare.”


They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_

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James London

They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_