“Did I tell you about that target who kept on changing all the locks? He hired a different locksmith every time but still his things kept going missing.

Must have gone through every locksmith in the book — or on the net, these days. Do they still have those Yellow Pages, or is everything online with that like everything is now? I sound like a bit of a technophobe the way I’m phrasing that — a Luddite. Nah. I don’t use tech as much as I would like though. I’ve been through that. I was telling you about when it was all first taken. That was right.

Once you realise — that it’s all gone — you’re instinct is to fight — for your rights. For your possessions. Someone else just sitting somewhere else and minding all your business. That’s not right. That’s what I did, when it was all first taken — tried to claim it back. Now wait. I’m trying to think.

That was right. There was a trojan in the background or whatever. I can’t remember how or why but it was there in the list of programs. Something executable. An exe file. Does that mean anything to you? I picked up bits of knowledge that I had to, as I tried to wrestle with it. Anyway, I searched and found that it was something that controls your machine or lets that happen. The files name was a common thing — enough for it to be there on a search. So, to get the laptop back, I had to get rid of this software — I don’t understand it all that properly. The drift is catchable. You have to clean the system. But obviously the file doesn’t want to go, so to speak, and there’s somebody else at the same time watching everything and trying to thwart you. Your going into program files and settings, everything; you’re looking it all up on the internet and trying to learn — I bought a book, for Windows 7 even, trying to figure it all out. Meanwhile this thing is going nowhere. It’s sick the effort that they go to. All to stay above you, really. So that you the deckboy. Whatever it takes, to glue their opinion on you, that’s the thing.

They say it keeps things safe. The Make Police — Oh anyway, by the way, that guy, that locksmith guy. In the end he took his front door off the hinges. Prove a point, in some weird everything-is-lost-now way. Needless to say. That was the make. No-one takes the front door off its hinges, unless they — aint got sense. Probably some guy in charge — some captain — chuckling away. Same bridge but his chair aint made of that plastic.”


They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_

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James London

They don't want me to write. Banned from publishing at @JSLondon_